Pispala Schottische International Folklore Festival

SottiisiMoves 10-14 June 2020

SottiisiMoves 2020, the largest dance event in the Nordic countries, will gather 2500 dancers in Tampere next summer. The event combines Young Culture Moves, the national dance gathering, and Pispala Schottische, the international festival on folk dance and folk music. SottiisiMoves 2020 welcomes everyone who is interested in dance and folk to celebrate dance and music and witness how different styles and artists meet each other. Both Pispala Schottische International Folklore Festival and Youth Art Event, later known as Young Culture, were organized for the first time in 1970, and they will have their 50th anniversary next year.
SottiisiMoves 2020 will be organized by the Finnish Youth Association.


Pispala Schottische, this lively international folk music and dance festival is an annual celebration of the joy of dance that fills the streets and squares of the old industrial city of Tampere with a versatile programme of indoor and outdoor concerts, competitions, training events, seminars, night dances and club evenings.

This major international celebration of folk dance and music has been bringing enthusiasts and their friends to Tampere since 1970 for the most footloose scene of the summer. Next year will be the jubilee of the festival. Welcome to celebrate the 50 years with us on the 10 – 14 of June in 2020.

Contact info: 
Pispalan Sottiisi - Pispala Schottische Festival 
Executive Director Mr. Jukka Heinämäki
Festival Producer Ms. Jaana Kari
Information and Media Relations Ms. Maarit Saarelainen

Cultural House Laikku, Keskustori 4
FI-33100, Tampere, Finland
Phone: +358 50 40 98 332

Pispala Schottische is organized by the Finnish Youth Association (Suomen Nuorisoseurat). It is a national non-governmental organisation which has over 700 local associations, 15 regional associations and over 20 000 members in Finland. All the associations organise various leisure time activities which are mainly based on culture such as folk dance, theatre, circus, and arts.

We are a member of CIOFF (The International Council of Organizations for Folklore Festivals and Folk Art). Membership in CIOFF requires festival to fulfill certain criteria concerning the number of groups invited, duration of the festival, and quality of the festival organisation.

Find our festival rules & regulations here.

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Balatonfüred (HU) 2018 c) Riina Tanskanen

Voskresenie (RU) & Cifrosko (SK) 2018 c) Riina Tanskanen