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Pispala Schottische International Folklore Festival 12–16 June 2024

Welcome to the Pispala Schottische festival on June 12–16  in 2024!

The event features entertaining free concerts, fascinating joint programmes, spectacular indoor concerts, and a delightful evening dance event!

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For international artists

Pispalan Sottiisi is known for interesting and skillful international artists around the world. On each festival, several international artist groups represent their own cultural heritage for festival participants and the audience. Pispalan Sottiisi is a member of CIOFF, the International Council of Organizations for Folklore Festivals and Folk Art.

Contact information

Director   Jukka Heinämäki    
Tel. +358 50 526 8957    

Producer  Miikka Huisko

Tel. +358 44 7868 898



Nuorisoseurat - The Finnish Youth Association is the most significant cultural child and youth work organization in Finland. Over 40 000 members participate in its activities. 

The organization of Pispalan Sottiisi festival will continue to follow the evolvement of the coronavirus pandemic and act responsibly according to the prevailing decrees in the preparations of the event.

Keskustori, Tampere, Finland c) Petri Kivinen

Voskresenie (RU) & Cifrosko (SK) 2018 c) Riina Tanskanen

Balatonfüred (HU) 2018 c) Riina Tanskanen

c) Petri Kivinen