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Pispala Schottische International Folklore Festival


The Sottiisi Moves 2020 event that was postponed from mid-June until the autumn will be held on 16-18 October 2020. SottiisiMoves 2020 is a dance and music event organized by the Finnish Youth Association in which Pispala Schottische International Folklore Festival and Young Culture will celebrate their 50th anniversary in Tampere.
Tampere Hall will provide excellent facilities for the festival, and from there dance and music will spread around the city. The essential parts of the program are the Moves and Tanssiralli gatherings for children and youth as well as the License to Dance! production, which celebrates folk-style couple dance.

 More color will be added by the Samuelin Poloneesi folk music event organized by the Finnish Folk Music Association, which was cancelled this spring, and Sugrifest which celebrates the International Kindred Nations Day of Finno-Ugric Peoples and is being held at the same time in Tampere.

 We want to raise people’s spirits and bring joy to their lives. Every dance genre from polska to hip hop is represented at the SottiisiMoves 2020 event. This year’s theme, License to Dance!, means that everyone can dance at this festival if they want to,” says Jukka Heinämäki, Director, Dance and Events.

 The prevailing state of emergency and the interruptions in dance hobby activities will also be taken into consideration during the preparations for SottiisiMoves 2020. Registration for the event will continue until the end of August. Dance groups that registered for the regional Moves gatherings cancelled this spring can also register for the national SottiisiMoves-gathering.

More information: www.sottiisimoves2020.fi

 The organization of the SottiisiMoves 2020 event will continue to follow the developments in the coronavirus pandemic and act responsibly according to the prevailing decrees while preparing for the event.

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Tel. +358 50 526 8957    
The Finnish Youth Association is the most significant cultural child and youth work organization in Finland. Over 40 000 members participate in its activities. The SottiisiMoves 2020 event combines Pispala Schottische International Folklore Festival and the national dance gathering Young Culture Moves. 

Balatonfüred (HU) 2018 c) Riina Tanskanen

Voskresenie (RU) & Cifrosko (SK) 2018 c) Riina Tanskanen